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標題: 本地產線蟲性殺蟲劑之研發
Research and Development on Bioinsecticides Using Indigenous Entopathogenic Nematodes
作者: 侯豐男
關鍵字: 植物保護類
Entomopathogenic Nematode
Vegetable Insect Pest
摘要: 本計畫主要研究目的在於利用本土產,具有可發展為生物農藥製劑潛力的蟲生線蟲Steinernema abbasi,以群體合作方式研發量產、配方與劑型之技術,針對本省作物之重要害蟲,進行蟲生線蟲適用之寄主範圍評估,及感染溫度、溼度、長期儲存環境等對蟲生線蟲影響之生物特性加以測試.並利用統全公司在加工生產之有機廢棄物,開發本地產蟲生線蟲(S. abbasi)之大量生產技術,及不同基質量產產品對斜紋夜盜(Spodoptera litura)幼蟲及其他害蟲殺蟲效力之生物檢定,以確定產品管制.另外開發感染期三齡幼蟲(IJs)線蟲之分離方法,回收保存技術.同時將進行土壤環境因子對線蟲之活動行為及對殺蟲效力之影響.並在設施栽培耕作環境下,開發最適合用線蟲防治害蟲的操作方法,提供有機栽培農民安全防治害蟲之用,期能提高農產品之價值.
The present proposal is to study the indigenous entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema abbasi, to be a potential bioinsecticide. Technology for mass production and formulation of this nematode-based bioinsecticide will be developed under the collaboration between institution and industrial sector. Host range, influence of temperature, humidity, and storage on biological nature of the nematode will be conducted. Mass production of S. abbasi will be studied using organic wastes of the products from Tung-cheng Company. Bioassays on efficacy of the products produced from different substrates against Spodoptera litura or other insect pests will be carried out for their quality control. In addition, techniques for isolating, recovering and storing the infective juveniles (IJs) of nematodes will be developed. Meanwhile, effects of soil factors on nematode activity, behaviour, and insecticidal ability will be investigated. The optimal and effective techniques for applying the nematode-based bioinsecticides to control insects under the screen house or tunnel cultivation of highly economic crops will also be developed. This biological approach is expected to provide farmers with a safe and effective pest control measure as well as to raise the value of agro-products in the future.
其他識別: 89生技-2.3-糧-92
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