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標題: Integrated Management of the Melon Fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett)) Based on Life Table and Geographic Information System
作者: 齊心
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 生命表研究為蟲害防治之最重要之生態學學術理論基礎,唯有依據瓜實蠅之生命表可較精確地預測瓜實蠅之族群增長與齡期結構之變化.因此,2003年度擬先著手研究瓜實蠅生命表,於實驗室內研究以人工飼料與天然飼料飼育時之生命表,並計算其族群增長率與各年齡之期望壽命等.此外,為了解其田間生命表,擬於不同季節取樣調查田間各時期之族群年齡結構.此外亦擬研究誘引劑之有效範圍與濃度之關係,以便依據擴散理論建立誘引器設置之最佳方式.
Life table is the most important theoretical basis of pest management. The population growth and the change of stage structure can be precisely predicted if and only if based on the life table of <i>B. cucurbitae</i>. Therefore, I propose the study the life table of <i>B. cucurbitae</i> in this year 2003 as first priority. The life table on artificial diet and natural food will be collected. The population growth rate and life expectancy of each age-stage group will be calculated. For the understanding of field life table, I plan to study the stage structure of <i>B. cucurbitae</i> in the field by sampling at different seasons. Furthermore, I will study the relationship between the effective distance of baits and concentration. Then I will study the optimal spatial distribution of traps based on diffusion theory.
其他識別: 92農科-1.8.1-檢-B3(7)
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