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標題: Development of Rapid Methods to Identify the Codling Moth, Cydia pomonella, and the Potato Tuberworm, Phthorimaea operculella
作者: 路光暉
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類
摘要: In this third-year project contains three objects, including: first, to continuously develop species-specific primers for identification of the codling moth, <i>Cydia pomonella</i> L., and make comparison with its relative species in order to verify the primer specificity more precisely; second, to develop the species-specific primers for identification of the potato tuberworm, <i>Phthorimaea operculella</i> (Zeller); and finally, to modify the standard operation procedure (SOP) of codling moth identification and to set up a new SOP for potato tuberworm identificaiton.
本第三年(92年)計畫內容主要包括: 一、 繼續針對蘋果蠹蛾(<i>Cydia pomonella</i> L.)開發專一性引子,並蒐集其近親種與之比對,使所設計的之引子更加完善; 二、 蒐集馬鈴薯蠹蛾(<i>Phthorimaea operculella</i> (Zeller))標本,以開發其專一性引子; 三、 建立快速且準確鑑定該等蟲種之技術與流程,以供實務上之應用.
其他識別: 92農科-1.8.2-檢-B2(3)
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