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標題: 黃條葉蚤誘殺設備在有機蔬菜田之應用
Application of Trapping Facility for Flea Beetles in Organic Farm
作者: 楊恩誠
關鍵字: 植物保護類
摘要: 本年度計畫承續前三年的研究成果的發現,將利用所得的黃條葉蚤趨光光譜設計出物理性誘引黃條葉蚤的實際應用設備與技術,且以實際應用到有機蔬菜田為目標,作為非農藥防治技術的開發與應用。並針對所開發的方法之適用性與成本效益等問題加以評估,提供防治該蟲的田間應用數據。由於昆蟲的趨光行為反應快速,而利用黃條葉蚤的趨光行為與其動作光譜在前兩年度的計畫中亦已確定,因此本計畫執行方向將利用忌避劑造成黃條葉蚤的趨光行為,配合日間與夜晚的誘殺技術開發,預期在田間的應用上可大為降低成本,做為快速撲殺黃條葉蚤成蟲的非農藥防治方法。
This year the project will succeed the research results from previous studies to continue to develop the trapping technique for flea beetles in the organic farm. Because the action spectrum of flea beetles' phototactic response has been known, we are going to further apply the known wavelength to the trapping work in the field. By making the flea beetle under stress with repellent, the phototactic response of the flea beetle would be elicited even in the evening. Therefore, research will be conducted to develop trapping technique both in day and night. With the application, the research of this technique will promise a non-insecticide pest management on the flea beetle in the organic farm.
其他識別: 93農科-1.8.1-檢-B4(1)
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