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標題: 重要農業有害薊馬及所含Tospovirus分子檢測系統之開發
Development of Molecular Identified System for Important Thrips and Its Parasitoid Tospovirus
作者: 葉文斌
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類
摘要: 在分子生物學快速發展及傳統分類人才日漸稀少的情形之下,DNA為主的鑑定系統已是未來的主流之一,並已廣泛的應用在病毒及微生物等領域。本研究結合昆蟲分類及植物病理學者的專才,共同應用分子檢測技術,開發重要性危害薊馬及其所含 Tospovirus 之DNA 特徵資料,並結合廠商現有的晶片技術共同開發出 DNA 分子檢測的技術及商品。第一年的工作將持續收集國內外重要性危害之薊馬種類及其媒介病毒,分別建立其 DNA 分子特徵;在薊馬上,應用已建立之 DNA 分子資料,與合作廠商討論技術平台的建立,進行 DNA 分子檢測系統研發;在 Tospovirus 的偵測上,擬先建立此病毒分子資料的偵測方法,再著手進行薊馬傳毒的測試。第二年除持續收集建立國內外重要性危害之薊馬及媒介病毒資料庫外,將進行薊馬傳毒的試驗,也將應用已建立的薊馬及其媒介病毒的 DNA 資料,測試分子檢測系統的靈敏度試驗,並使用少量及大量的樣本分別進行分子檢測系統的田間應用。另進一步與廠商建立生物晶片之快速檢測方法,並開發成試劑商品。
DNA-based identification in organism will be one of the major approaches in the furture and has ben applied universally in the identificaiton of viral and bacterial species recently. In this study, entomologist units pathonogenist develop molecular characters to identify the agricultral important thrips and its parasitoid Tospovirus. Then, identified system of microarry based on DNA sequences will be applied commercially. The work in the first year, DNA sequences of thrips will be continuously established plus its parasitoid Tospovirus. Cooperated with commercial company, the acquired sequences of thrips will be used to develop and determine the systematic identified system. Sequence composition and its amplified procedures will be known before tospoviruses detection. The method of rearing thrips will be also established in this year. In the second year, except to get the additional sequences of thrips and tospoviruses, virus transmission from infected plant to thrips will be done. Moreover, the sensitivity detection of tospovirus in thrips should be confirmed. Finally, the systematic identified system based on microarray will be tested from individual, small-scale, and large-scale thrips, then to applied the patent.
其他識別: NSC96-2317-B005-004
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