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標題: 危害蘿蔔之蚜蟲整合性防治技術改進與推廣
作者: 郭美華
關鍵字: 植物保護類
Myzus persicae
Lipaphis erysimi
Brevicoryne brassicae
Raphanus sativus
摘要: 掌握危害蘿蔔之蚜蟲發生生態及防治藥劑之最適時機,農藥防治的成效與藥劑種類相依變,且和害蟲發生種類、發生期、發生量及危害程度有相關性。本計劃分別以溫室及田間進行試驗,評估農民使用農藥防治蚜蟲之效益,改進目前國內對蚜蟲之防治技術,尋找最適施藥時期,提供農民害蟲防治時之參考。溫室試驗為實驗室模擬蚜蟲危害蘿蔔不同生長期之情形,並將其葉片與根部進行含氮量分析,暸解蘿蔔於受害前後之生長差異情形。田間進行試驗為選定台灣中南部種植蘿蔔之產區為定期調查地,觀察紀錄蘿蔔上實際蚜蟲危害之種類、時間及程度,同時摘取葉與根進行含氮量分析,且對農民實際使用農藥防治蚜蟲之效果進行評估,以便未來訂定最適施藥時機。蚜蟲防治之效益與農藥種類及施用時間點有緊密關係,本研究所得之田間調查資料與溫室試驗結果,可供日後建立田間害蟲族群綜合防治動態管理模式及訂出害蟲防治時期,並與其他蔬菜害蟲防治加以整合管理,制定防治操作之標準流程,提供農民於蔬菜害蟲防治時之參考及修正施藥之繆思。
For commanding the optimal timing to control aphids damaged on the radishes, we should understand not only the aphid ecology, but also the insecticides efficiency which is depended on drug types and interrelated with pest species, infecting period, infecting amount, and damage degree. In this project, we will carry out in-greenhouse and on-field experiments, evaluate the agriculture benefit and find the appropriate timing for farmers to apply insecticides, to improve control techniques of aphids nowadays and provide farmers the pest control information.The study in greenhouse is laboratorial modeling of aphids to inject different growth period of radishes. We will analyze the nitrogen content of radish leaves and roots, to figure out the growth difference of radish before and after aphid infection. Furthermore, We will choose applicable area from the radish-productive region in south western Taiwan, to record the observation of injury time and damage degrees of each aphid species on radish, and also collect the radish leaves and roots back to laboratory for nitrogen content analysis. Otherwise, we will assess the agriculture benefit of actually insecticides application to institute the optimal timing suggestions of using insecticides.The aphid control benefit is related with insecticide sorts and applied time. Base on the results in laboratory and field in this study, we will establish the integrated pest management (IPM) model of aphids on radishes and combine the control of non-aphid pests on other crops to determine the pest control period. This works will facilitate farmers to follow as a guideline and correct the mistakable usage of insecticides.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B4(5)
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