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標題: 快速判定檢疫處理後東方果實蠅胚胎死活方法之研發
Development of Methods to Rapidly Determine Life and Death of Bactrocera Dorsalis Embryos After Quarantine Treatments
作者: 陳美娥
關鍵字: 生物技術, 植物保護類
quarantine treatment
insect embryo
life and death
Bactrocera dorsalis
摘要: 本計畫主要在探討如何判定經檢疫處理後東方果實蠅胚胎之死活。本年度將進行三項初步測試,包括(一)利用顯微鏡觀察並比較處理與未處理東方果實蠅胚胎之發育過程,藉以瞭解期間的差異;(二)利用染色劑台盼藍(trypan blue)進行細胞染色,藉由細胞是否吸收染劑,以判定細胞之死活;(三)利用定量分析處理與未處理胚胎DNA含量之變化,以瞭解細胞是否持續發育,藉以判定胚胎之死活。預期本計畫結束時,可以初步找出可能用於檢測昆蟲胚胎死活之方法。
1. The goal of this study is to attempt to develop the method(s) of rapid determination of whether oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis embryos are killed during quarantine treatments. This year, we will perform three preliminary tests, including: (1) to observe the developmental processes of B. dorsalis embryo with microscopes and to make a comparison between treated and untreated embryos; (2) to apply trypan blue, a dye frequently used for determine the life or death of cell lines, to test whether it is able to be used to determine the life or death of the embryos; and (3) to quantitatively measure and compare the DNA contents of treated and untreated embryos to determine whether it can be used as an indication for life or death. We expect, by the end of study, to establish a preliminary method to determine the life or death of B. dorsalis embryo.
其他識別: 99農科-9.2.2-檢-B5(6)
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