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標題: 台灣褐飛蝨對常用防治藥劑的抗藥性調查
Investigation of insecticide resistance for Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) in Taiwan
作者: 戴淑美
關鍵字: 植物保護類
Nephotettix lugens (Stal)
diagnosis dose
摘要: 褐飛蝨是亞洲地區最重要水稻害蟲之一,曾於1962與1964年分別在台灣嘉南地區與全省大發生,1985年之後危害程度趨緩,然而最近隨著全球暖化現象,危害東南亞稻作的褐飛蝨又逐漸侵入台灣。目前對於褐飛蝨的防治,特別是台中以南的蝨燒情況,仍以快速有效的化學防治為主。然而為了避免長期使用化學藥劑所衍生的抗藥性與環境危害等問題,有必要持續監測褐飛蝨對防治藥劑的抗藥性發展趨勢,以便即時因應並更替有效的防治藥劑。因此,本年度計劃擬建立實驗室長期飼養的感性褐飛蝨對常用殺蟲劑之感受性基準線資料,再根據此訂定識別劑量或診斷劑量,以監測田間褐飛蝨對常用殺蟲劑之抗藥性發展程度。
Nephotettix lugens (Stal) is one of the most important rice insect pests in Asia. It has be outbreak at southern and the whole island of Taiwan in 1962 and 1964, respectively, and became less importance after 1985. However, the infestation of N. lugens is getting serious since the occurrence of globle warming. Although many different strategies have been applied in the management of N. lugens, chemical control is still the most common way for hopper burn control. To avoid insecticide resistance and environmental impact by over-use or misuse, it is necessary to mornitor the insecticide resistance developing in N. lugens and provide proper insecticides for management. Therfore, we plant to establish the base-line susceptibility of N. lugens to the recommended insecticides, and diagnosis dose of each insecticide for mornitoring the development of insecticide resistance in field N. lugens.
其他識別: 100農科-9.2.1-檢-B1(4)
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