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標題: 進口植物產品有害生物之檢測與處理技術之研發
Development of the Detection and Treatment Techniques for Imported Plant Products
作者: 陳啟予
關鍵字: 植物保護類
摘要: 從進口木材及原始林木中檢測出有害昆蟲及真菌,且探討昆蟲與其傳播之真菌病害間之關聯,建立檢疫檢測昆蟲及真菌之模式,獲得進口原木及我國原始林木中昆蟲及真菌種類之資料。利用穩定性同位素技術,分析不同地區來源及不同部位之碳與氮穩定同位素含量,以開發檢測梨接穂來源之技術,期能有效查緝未經檢疫之走私接穂,杜絕外來病蟲害污染。釐清「榴槤夜蛾」(Durian borer)相關昆蟲之系統分類,並確認各種取食榴槤夜蛾成蟲與幼蟲之正確鑑別方式,以助於鑑定並評估其對台灣農業與生態環境之風險,及評估相關昆蟲種類是否可能對台灣的農業與生態系造成危害。針對寄主範圍相當廣泛之翠菊黃萎病菌質體(aster yellows phytoplasma group ,AY group),以PCR技術,發展篩檢健康活植物苗之技術,以防堵此一病原菌之入侵,俾維護台灣之農業產業。
Comprehensive survey of harmful insects and fungi from imported wood and indigenous forest is conducted, and the acquired organisms are documented. Information regarding the connection between insect vectors and fungi can therefore be established. The model of detecting harmful organisms can therefore be obtained, which is very helpful in operating quarantine insepection. Isotope technique, including carbon and nitrogen isotope composition analyses, is applied to identify the source of pear scion for quarantine purpose. Pear twigs and grafting scions from different areas are assayed in an attempt to establish a technique to track out the sources, and then recognize those imported from legal or illegal ways. The result will not only provide an standard for quarantine operation, but also reduce the impact of introduced harmful organisms. Clarification of the systematic positions of durian borers and their relevant species is undertaken. Correct methods to identify adults and larvae of different durian borer species will subsequently be established. The proper information can therefore be provided to assess the risk of impact of these insects on the agriculture of Taiwan. To prevent the introduction of Aster yellows (AY) phytoplasmas into Taiwan, a accurate and sensitive approach is needed to detect the AY phytoplasma from imported seedlings. A PCR-based detection system will be developed in this project to coincide with the quarantine requirements.
其他識別: 94農科-13.4.1-檢-B5
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