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標題: 病害防治用微生物製劑量產技術之建立與改進
Development and Practical Application of Microbial and Natural Products As Disease Control Agents
作者: 曾德賜
關鍵字: 生物技術
摘要: 生物農藥的發展與應用, 在過去一個世紀為農業生物技術研究之主要課題, 在我們方才進入的新世紀, 其必將更為昌盛發展.此一研究主題之備受重視, 不只充分反映新興科技在解決長期化學農藥使用下, 對生態系統之嚴重創傷問題對民眾健康福祉之潛在威脅問題等之急切需要, 也明白顯示標的產品與技藝之偌大市場潛力.生物農藥的發展與有關農業生物技術產業的促進, 為我政府過去這十年期間致力推動的施政目標, 然而本土性產業在相關產品的發展上, 卻迄今未見有成功的實例, 考其主要原因, 具開發潛力微生物產品化發展上, 相關技藝缺如實有以致之.本計劃之主要目的, 在結合產學界群體之力, 建立重要病害防治應用微生物殺菌劑發展所需生物技術與資源, 擬開發之本土性微生物種類, 包括鏈黴放線菌Streptomyces sioyaensis ( PMS 502菌株, 由黃振文教授提供 ), 螢光假單孢菌Pseudomonas putida ( YLFP 14菌株, 由曾國欽教授提供 )以及黏帚黴菌Gliocladium virens ( SG 7菌株 ).利用中興大學的先導型工廠設備設施, 本計劃將針對上述標的菌源, 逐步建立可供有效病害防治應用的生質體量產最適化標準操作流程; 其中細菌性製劑的量產, 主要利用液體培養系統行之, 培養槽最大達750L級; 真菌性製劑( 分生孢子&後膜孢子 )量產則以兩階段培養系統進行; 製劑配方主要包括具安定性的生質體培養液及噴霧乾燥之粉劑與粒劑, 鎖定之應用標的病害包括Pythium引起的猝倒病( PMS 502 ), 甜椒細菌性斑點病( YLFP 14 )以及立枯絲核病菌引起的猝倒病( SG 7 ).本擬提四年期計劃之終極目標, 在發展上述三種生物性殺菌劑量產上可即供技術移轉產業界應用之技藝, 以裨益我國相關本土產業之建立及其國際競爭力之提昇.
Development and application of biopesticide is one of the primed focuese of agricultural biotechnology research in the past century and is destined to prosper even better in the new century that we are in.The importance of the research focus well reflects not only the need of now technology for the seriously damaged ecosystem and the deeply concern on the potential threat to the human health due to the long time continued use of chemical pesticides, but also the great market potential of the targeted products and technologies.The development of biopesticides and the promotion of the related agricultural biotechnology industries were one of the major goals of our government efforts during the pact decade.However, attempts of product development of regional enterprises so for remain non successful.One of the major reasons for the incapability was the lack of technology know-how of targeted potential microbes.The main objectives of this investigation are to establish by collective efforts the biotechnique and know-how needed for the production of microbial biopesticide for the control of important plant diseases.The primainly targeted native microbial species include Streptomyces sioyaensis ( PMS 502isolate, provided by Prof.J.W.Hwang ), Pseudomonas putida ( YLFP 14isolate, provided by Prof.K.C.Tzeng )and Gliocldium virens ( SG 7isolate ).In a microbial pesticide pilot production plant at NCHU, standard operation protocol will be established for the optimized production of stable biomass effective for expected disease control application.The target prototype bacterial product will be propagated mainly by liquid fermentation system up to 750L scale; whereas the fungal product ( conidia &chlamydospore )will be produced by a two-step culture system.The targeted formulations include stable liquid culture broth and the spray-dried powder/granule.The attempted application targets include Pythium damping off ( PMS 502 ), pepper bacterial spot ( YLFP14 )and Rhizoctonia damping off ( SG7 ).The ultimate goal of the proposed 4-year project is to provide ready to transfer technique know-how for the intended 3microbial biofungicides thus to facilitate the establishment and to increase the international competitiveness of the regional enterprises.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.3-糧-Z2(1)
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