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標題: CH100植物健素之配方、製程及應用技術之改進(產學合作)
Improvement of Recipe, Formulation, and Application for Plant Health Guard-Ch100
作者: 黃振文
關鍵字: 植物保護類
摘要: 全世界利用天然植物抽出物防治植物病蟲害,已有千餘年的歷史.在農委會防檢局的補助下,我們採用高麗菜殘渣、菸渣、S-H混合物及荷格蘭氏養液成功研發CH-100植物健素產品.這個產品可以有效防治多種植物病蟲害,已獲得廣大農民的喜愛與肯定,故有必要開發CH-100植物健素的量產實用流程與應用技術.因此,本計畫主要目的在於改良CH-100植物健素的配方、製程及應用技術,藉以擴展CH100植物健素的使用範圍與功效.
A plant health guard-CH100, developed by my laboratory under the financial support of BAPHIQ, COA, is a liquid containing extracts of cabbage, tobacco and S-H mixture in Hoagland's solution. It was effective in the control of a wide range of plant pathogens and insect pests. Because of the great expressed by farmers, this laboratory will try to exploit a practical process for mass production of CH100 solution for commercial use. Therefore, the purposes of the study are to imporve the recipe, formulation and application of CH100 solution for protecting the crops from pests.
其他識別: 91農科-7.2.4-檢-B2
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