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標題: 應用細胞內微器官的轉殖探討疫病菌配對型及性器官基因在細胞內的位置
Application of Organelle Transplantation to Determine the Location of Genes for Control of Mating Types and Production of Sex Organs in Phytophthora
作者: 柯文雄
關鍵字: 植物保護類
摘要: 將以游走子為受體,來改良細胞內微器官轉殖(organelle transplantation)的技術。並以此技術來做試驗決定疫病菌的配對型基因,產生卵孢子囊的基因,或產生雄器的基因,是在存在於細胞核或粒線體內。以分子標誌確認細胞核雜合體(nuclear hybrid)內,含有外來的細胞核,不含外來的粒線體;而粒線體雜合體(mitochondrial hybrid)內,含有外來的粒線體,不含外來的細胞核。此計劃的研究成果,將成為微生物遺傳學的一大發現。而所獲得的資訊,將成為未來對此重要植物病原菌群防治策略的重要參考資料。藉此技術的推廣與應用於其他微生物,可使台灣在國際上,成為微生物細胞核與粒線體轉殖的先進國家。
Under this project, the organelle transplantation technique will be improved by using zoospores as the receptor. The improved technique will be used to determine if genes for mating types, production of oogonia or formation of antheridia in Phytophthora are present in nuclei or mitochondria. Molecular markers will be used to confirm the presence of donor nuclei and the absence of donor mitochondria in the nuclear hybrids, and the presence of donor mitochondria and the absence of donor nuclei in the mitochondrial hybrids. Results obtained under this project will represent significant advancement in the genetics of microorganisms. The information obtained also will be important for the development of control strategy of this important group of plant pathogens. Application and extension of such organelle transplantation technique to other microorganisms will make Taiwan well known internationally for organelle transplantation of microorganisms.
其他識別: NSC100-2321-B005-002
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