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標題: 玫瑰切花保鮮技術之研究
Study on Postharvest Handling of Preservation for Cut Rose
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: Cut rose industry is prosperously developed rapidly in Taiwan.Bent neck and no opening of bud flower are very popular on several varieties during vase life, therefore the low quality and short vase life seriously affect visual evaluation.Moreover, blueing, blackening, and browning colors showed on the petals of cut rose after storage.The purposes of this project of series experiments conduct on: 1.To Investigate the mechanism of deterioration of petal color and no opening of flower buds.Also study preservatives of cut rose.2.To Study on petal cell components and it deterioration in order to modify the preservatives.3.To Study the respiration rate and ethylene biosynthesis and their interaction on cut rose to offer improving long term storage and shipment technological basis, under low temperature.The project is divided into several subjects as follow: I.Studies on the bloom rate of cut rose under carbohydrate content and water uptake relationship.The experiments will be conducted through HPLC to understand the change of carbohydrate in petal.Also the water uptake will be recorded.II.Studies on aminotriazol ( ATA ), proline, malonic acid solution affect the flower quality include vase life, bloom rate.The carbon dioxide and ethylene will be analyzed.III.Studies on pulse treatment working on bloom of cut rose which being cold stored.This section will pursue the information of bottle neck on bloom trouble of cut rose which being cold stored.The approach will apply chemical pulse treatment to improve cell membrane integrity, water uptake and changes of carbohydrates, then help bud cut rose to bloom and higher visual quality together longer vase life.The predicted result efficiency advantage of this project will emphasize o understanding of mechanism of cut rose preservation, the relationship between bloom rate and carbohydrates, then develop the pulse treatment on the purpose of cut rose quality preservation by improved method.Moreover, develop the cold storage method of cut rose.
台灣近年來玫瑰產業發展迅速, 在切花瓶插過程中, 有些品種極易發生垂頸及花朵不易開放現象, 嚴重影響觀賞品質及縮短瓶插壽命, 貯藏後花瓣極易產生藍化、黑化甚至褐化現象.本系列試驗研究之目的: 一、 探討玫瑰切花不易開放及花色劣變之機制, 研究保鮮液配方.二、 探討花瓣細胞成分之變化, 以供保鮮液成分修正之參考.三、 探討呼吸率及乙烯生合成之交感作用, 以供低溫長程貯藏技術研發之基礎.本計畫之分項工作及實施方法: 1.探討不同品種玫瑰之花朵開放速率與花瓣碳水化合物含量及吸水性的關係.以HPLC分析花瓣之碳水化合物含量並測定水分吸取量.2.試驗ATA及脯胺酸、malonic acid對玫瑰切花品質之影響, 此部分須評鑑切花品質之改善, 包括瓶插壽命、開放度, 並測定二氧化碳及乙烯.3.低溫冷藏預措處理對玫瑰花開放的影響, 此部分在於瞭解玫瑰花低溫冷藏後不易開放之瓶頸問題, 企圖以化學藥劑之預措處理改善細胞膜之改善細胞膜之完整性、吸水性及碳水化合物變化幫助蕾期玫瑰切花開放, 提高觀賞品質及瓶插壽命.本試驗之預期效益在於瞭解玫瑰切花保鮮機制, 玫瑰切花開放與碳水化合物之相關性, 玫瑰切花預措處理維持切花品質之改善方法, 並研發低溫貯藏玫瑰切花之方法.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z8(7)
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