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標題: 果樹永續經營綜合計畫
Integrated Sustainable Management of Fruit Crop
作者: 倪正柱
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: We use the ”bending”system to the Papaya by cleaning and bending the trunk to various heights ( 0-200cm ).This technique facilitated evaluation of wind damage, disease susceptibility, harvest cost and life span.Chinese chestnut has been grown in Chayi to harvest in early summer.Some chemical need to spray to stimulate the bud break to increase the yields.In other hand, the japanese KaKi will be planted in Miaoli area to produce organic fruit and increase the diversity of market and consumersAbove fruit crops is the study of integrated sustainable management.
本計畫利用本研究室研發之木瓜塑性復法, 將木瓜樹幹以縱切方式, 恢復塑性後, 倒臥於水平棚架上, 減少颱風危害, 並增加網室栽培之壽命, 以降低台灣現階段網室木瓜栽培之成本.另外嘉義中埔鄉有一中國板栗產銷班, 因其每年之採收期較大陸為早, 因此鮮食栗不易受大陸競爭, 但此班每年單位產量低, 可能是休眠方面發生問題, 本計畫預定在冬末春初以催芽催芽劑, 希望能提高產量.在苗栗地區試種日本柿, 重點在澀柿方面, 希望能品種多樣化, 且進行有機或無農藥栽培.以上三種果樹皆是為了台灣的果樹永續經營進行研究.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z5(4)
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