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標題: 促進種薑萌芽技術之改善
Improvement of Sprouting of Ginger Rhizomes
作者: 洪登村
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 計畫目標: 種薑種植時主要問題在於發芽所需時間太長及不整齊, 本試驗嘗試以高溫、二氧化碳、乙烯及醋酸處理種薑, 以期達到提早萌芽、提高萌芽率及萌芽整齊之目的.本試驗所用之種薑, 分別取自海拔200公尺及700公尺之成熟薑.種植前, 所作處理如下 ( 1 )以35℃處理8、16及24小時; ( 2 )以10、100及1000ppm乙烯處理1日; ( 3 )以3、5、20、40、80及100%二氧化碳處理1、2及3日; ( 4 )以每公升含1、2、3、4、5ml冰醋酸之濃度處理1日.處理後分置於25-30℃下調查其發芽率、發芽速率及整齊度, 以探討上述處理是否有早發芽之效果.在初步試驗調查中, 上述各處理皆有提早3-14日的效果.
Ginger is important vegetable crop throughout the Asia, where the important trouble is that the sprouting percentage and uniformity is lower and a relatively long period is needed before sprouting during planting.Trials will be conducted to improve the sprouting percentage and short the duration of germination.The commercial seed rhizome used in trials were obtained from two highland area: 200meters and 700meters above sea-level.The seed rhizome were treated with hot air, ethylene, carbon dioxide and acetic acid before planting at 25-30℃, then the rate and percentage of sprouting will be examined and evaluated.In our preliminary test, results showed that the rate of emergence was enhanced by the four treatment, usually 3to 14days earlier than of the control.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.2-糧-Z1(8)
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