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標題: 蘇力菌殺蟲晶體蛋白、超氧化歧化酵素、過氧化酵素及熱休克蛋白基因轉移到十字花科蔬菜之研究
Studies on Transferring Insecticidal Crystal Protein of Bacillus thuringiensis, Superoxide Dismutase, Peroxidase, and Heat Shock Protein Genes into Cruciferous Vegetables
作者: 曾夢蛟
關鍵字: 應用研究
生物技術, 園藝
摘要: Taiwan is located at the sub-tropic area.In summer, the high temperature and humidity cause very serious of plant disease and insect pests.Attempts will be made to co-transfer the Bt-toxin ( Bt ), superoxide dismutase ( SOD ), catalase ( TKL ), and heat shock protein ( HSP )genes into the broccoli and Chinese cabbage.Increase in insect-resistance has been proved by transfer of the insecticidal crystal protein gene of Bacillus thuringiensis into plants.Increase in activities of the antioxidative enzymes, such as SOD and CAT, providing plants with additional stress-defense capability has also been well documented.Heat shock protein cognate 70( HSC70 ), expressed both in normal and stress conditions, is a prominent chaperone found in the cytosol of virtually all eukaryotic cells.The objectives of this study are to establish the gene co-transfer technology and to study the possibility for improvement of Brassica vegetables with insect and stresses resistance by gene transformation.
本省地處亞熱帶, 夏季氣候高溫多濕, 造成病蟲害危害嚴重, 且常有溫度逆境的發生, 因此培育出抗病蟲害、且耐逆境的蔬菜品種, 是育種工作的重要目標.本研究是利用農桿菌共同轉移法, 研究同時轉移帶有CaMV 35S及rbcS為啟動子之蘇力菌殺蟲晶體蛋白( Bt )、超氧化歧化酵素( SOD )、過氧化酵素( CAT )及熱休克蛋白( HSP )等四種基因至同一棵甘藍或結球白菜之可行性.將蘇力菌殺蟲晶體蛋白基因( Bt )轉殖入植物中, 達到殺蟲的效果, 已有許多報導.利用超氧化歧化酵素( superoxide dismutase, SOD )、過氧化酵素( catalase, CAT )的抗氧化酵素系統來紓解氧自由基的危害, 增加植物內生抗氧化酵素的活性, 能提高其抗逆境的能力.而熱休克蛋白存在於許多動植物中, 與植物耐高溫有關.本計畫嘗試將上述四種基因( Bt、SOD、CAT、HSP )共同轉殖到十字花科蕓苔屬蔬菜, 開發同時轉殖多個基因及發展葉綠體基因轉殖的技術.本研究之目標為探討培育成同時具有抗蟲害及抗逆境之十字花科蔬菜之可行性, 並嘗試研發育成「健康食品」蔬菜.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.1-糧-Z1(5)
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