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標題: 文心蘭及蝴蝶蘭組培業者瓶苗品質之評估與改善
Improvement and Evaluation of in Vitro Plantlets Quality of Oncidium and Phalaenopsis Supplied by Commercial Propagators
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 文心蘭及蝴蝶蘭之栽培面積快速擴增, 並有種苗外銷, 種苗之需求量增加.種苗之品質常受培養基及環控條件之影響與逆境因子之作用.本計畫之目的在於探討組培業者繁殖瓶苗培育條件及環境因子對瓶苗品質之影響.研究分析瓶苗老化、形態異常、根部失去向地性, 導致出瓶移植成功轉換率低, 生長速率緩慢不整齊, 甚至死亡之原因, 尋求組織培養條件建立良好瓶苗之形態, 生理指標之大量繁殖生產體系.重要工作項目及實施方法.1.研究分析文心蘭及蝴蝶蘭瓶苗品質與環境因子培養基相關性.2.以光學顯微解剖鏡檢瓶苗葉片及根部, 調查瓶苗畸形異常之細部構造.3.以含乙烯前驅物ACC及Ethrel培養基對瓶苗品質影響分析, 驗證乙烯生理作用.預期效益: 1.瞭解商業種苗公司供應之文心蘭、蝴蝶蘭瓶苗畸形品質參差不齊之原因, 以供業者改進之參考.2.建立良好瓶苗之形態、生理指標以供業者生產管理之參考.
The cultivation of oncidium and phalaenopsis increase rapidly.Both nursery plantlets of them export to foreign countries.Consequently, the demands of nursery plantlets supply increase as well.The quality of plantlets is affected by medium, environmental control and stress factors.The purpose of this project try to pursue the cultural condition, environmental control which offer from commercial propagators affected the quality of flask plantlets.The flask plantlets which presented senescence, malformation, upward growth of root, low turnover rate of transplanting retard and irregular uniform growth would be studied and analyzed.The mass propagation system of tissue culture will be set up under well target index of plantlet appearance and physiological condition.The experimental protocols divide by three as follow.At first, To study the relationship among the qualities of plantlets on oncidium, phalaenopsis and factors including medium and environmental condition.The second, To inspect the ultra structure of malformed plantlets through optical anatomical observation.The third, To testify the ethylene effect on plantlets through the addition of ethylene precursor, ACC and Ethrel within medium.The predicted results show as follow.The research results will offer the understanding of malformed growth, irregular uniform quality of plantlets in vitro to improve by commercial propagators.Moreover, the research results will help propagators set up production management through the index presentation of morphogenesis and physiological condition.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.3-糧-Z1(4)
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