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標題: 液體培養在蝴蝶蘭種苗生產之應用
The Production of Phalaenopsis in Vitro by Liquid Medium
作者: 朱建鏞
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 傳統組織培養配製之固體培養基大多利用洋菜, 其製作過程費時且洋菜也不便宜.本計畫擬利用液體培養基取代固體培養基, 不只不需洋菜費用且配製過程不必花費時間在融解洋菜, 而且培殖體對液體培養機中成分之吸收也比固體培養基有效率.然蝴蝶蘭屬於氣生蘭且種子極細小, 不適於直接浸漬液體培養基中培養, 因此需有適當之支持物系統, 並配合培養容器通氣性之改善, 才能降低瓶內相對溼度造成玻璃狀苗之發生.試驗中擬利用種子或分生苗為材料, 測試不同支持物對在不同生育階段蝴蝶蘭苗之影響, 選出最適當之培養基支持物, 並探討簡化繼代培養程序之可能性.另外, 收集各大廠商所使用橡皮塞, 測定其棉花塞之差別, 同時以不同孔徑與棉花塞密度測試對蘭苗生育之影響.預期本年度可改進蝴蝶蘭種苗生產系統達到加速生長並降低成本之目的.
There are high labor and cost of agar to make an agar-solidified medium for conventional tissue culture.In this project, the liquid medium will replace solid medium, in order to save cost of agar and the time for melting agar.Moreover, absorbing nutrients from liquid medium more efficiently than that from solid medium.Tiny seeds of epiphytic phalaenopsis are undesirable to culture in liquid medium.To escape of producing hyperhydric Phalaenopsis plantlets, a suitable support system with good ventilation are required.In this experiment, seedlings and mericlone plantlets are used as materials.The effect of supporters on the growth of phalaenopsis at different stage will be investigated.In addition, the suitable density of cotton sealing in the hole of a rubber stopper will be defined for the best ventilation system for enhancing the growth of phalaenopsis explants and reducing the production cost of phalaenopsis plantlets will be expected.
其他識別: 90農科-2.1.3-糧-Z1(5)
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