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標題: (一)提昇文心蘭切花品質之研究 (二)不同鈣源肥料改進切花品質試驗
1.Study on Promotion of Cut Oncidium Quality. 2.Effect of Different Calcium Fertilizer Source on Cut Omcidium Quality
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 文心蘭切花生產為提高生產競爭力, 應注意切花品質之提昇, 切花品質包括花莖分叉與長度之伸長及採後小花朵脫落等問題, 在營養生長期之養分、水分管理與假球莖之培育攸關於切花品質, 利用不同介質與養液系統, 添加不同養液施肥包括不同鈣源與微量元素等.在營養生長花莖抽長期環控條件及養水分管理改進以促使花莖伸長、小花數目、花莖分叉達到高品質切花.本研究之目的在探討文心蘭利用無土栽培介質及養液方式, 配合其花芽分化與發育之習性, 進行供給不同鈣肥來源及濃度之試驗, 建立提高文心蘭切花品質之生產體系.重要工作項目及實施方法: 1.探討不同的鈣肥來源及濃度對文心蘭生育的影響.2.探討不同的鈣肥來源及濃度對文心蘭切花品質的影響.3.不同的鈣肥來源及濃度對植體成分及構造影響分析.本研究之預期效益: 1.瞭解文心蘭營養生長與花芽分化時, 鈣肥與其他微量元素之相關性.2.探討鈣元素供給對文心蘭切花品質包括花梗長度、小花開放數及耐貯運力及吸水性、瓶插壽命之影響.
The requirement of cut oncidium production has to meet the promotion of competition capability, especially, emphasize on the promotion of cut flower quality.The cut oncidium quality include flower stalk length branch number, and abscission of small flower on the flower stalk.The management of water, nutrition and pseudobulb development influence the cut oncidium quality during the stage of vegetative growth.The different medium and liquid nutrition supply system with different calcium source and other mineral elements will be set up in fertigation system.The major target will focus on flower stalk length, floret number and flower pedicel for improving flower quality.The major target approach will meet the environmental control and water, nutrition management during vegetative growth and flower development.The purpose of this project will pursue on the soilless with nutrition supply of different calcium source and concentration under the consideration of flower initiation and development.The major target will focus on improvement of cut oncidium quality.The experimental protocols divide by three as follow.At first, to investigate the effect of different calcium fertilizer and concentration on the development of oncidium.The second, the effect of the different calcium fertilizer and concentration on the quality of cut oncidium.The third, the analysis of plant component and cell structure anatomy.The predicted results will help understading the calcium fertilizer and other mineral elements work on the relationship of vegetative growth and flower initiation.Moreover, the flower quality of cut oncidium including stalk length, floret number, tolerance of storage and transportation stress, water uptake and vase life will be improved under optimum calcium supply.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z7(3)
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