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標題: 轉穀氨醯胺酵素(Transglutaminase)基因轉移至水稻之研究
Studies on Transferring Transglutaminase Gene into Rice
作者: 曾夢蛟
關鍵字: 生物技術, 農藝
摘要: 轉穀氨醯胺酵素(Transglutaminase, TGase)廣泛分布於大部份的動物組織和體液,並且與許多生命現象有關,如血液凝固、傷口癒合、表皮角質化和紅血球細胞膜變硬等.除了動物之外,轉穀氨醯胺酵素也存在於植物、魚類及微生物中.轉穀氨醯胺酵素會使蛋白濃縮液形成膠體化,因此在食品加工上有相當高的應用價值及潛力;例如:在漢堡、肉丸、魚漿、豆腐、植物蛋白粉末等可改善彈性、質地、口感、風味,並可增加儲存壽命.目前轉穀氨醯胺酵素大多自動物肝臟中分離純化取得,由於來源取得不易且分離純化過程複雜,使得轉穀氨醯胺酵素的價格相當高,一單位約八十美元,因此限制了其在食品加工上之應用.目前轉穀氨醯胺酵素在日本之年銷售顯達二十億日圓以上.中興大學分子生物研究所楊明德博士的實驗室已由放射線菌(Streptoverticillium)中篩選出TGase基因.本實驗室嘗試將TGase基因黏接到水稻種子獨特之球蛋白(globulin)、油膜蛋白(oleosin)及CaMV35S、rbcS 啟動子上,利用基因轉移,轉殖至水稻中.本研究之目的為探討利用水稻種子為生物反應器,生產轉穀氨醯胺酵素,以提高水稻經濟效益之可行性.
Transglutaminase (TGase) catalyses an acyl-transfer reaction in which the γ^-carboxamide groups of peptide-bound glutaminyl residues are the acyl donors. The enzyme catalyses in vitro cross-linking in whey proteins, soya proteins, wheat proteins, beef myosin, casein and crude actomyosin refined from mechanically deboned poultry meat. In recent years, on the basis of the enzyme's reaction to gelatinize various food proteins through the formation of cross-links, this enzyme has been used in attempts to improve the functional properties of foods. Up to now, commercial TGase has been merely obtained from animal tissues. The complicated separation and purification procedure results in an extremely high price for the enzyme, which hampers a wide application in food processing. In this study, the TGase genes isolated from Streptoverticillium sp. will be constructed into plant transformation vectors driven by CaMV 35S, rubisco small subunit (rbc S), oleosin or globulin promoter. The constructed genes will be transferred into callus of rice (Oryza sativa L.) via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility for overproducing the TGase in rice via over-expressing the TGase genes. We attempt to establish the bioreactor system by using the rice as a model plant to producing the side products with high economic values.
其他識別: 91農科-3.1.1-糧-Z4(7)
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