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標題: 開發外銷農產品檢疫處理技術及品質之影響評估
Develoment of the Export Quarantine Treatment and Effect Quality for Agricultural Products.
作者: 謝慶昌
關鍵字: 植物保護類
摘要: 完成各項檢疫處理對木瓜、芒果、葡萄柚、蓮霧、印度棗、番石榴、結球萵苣及洋桔梗等之品質影響。建立台灣地區各種農產品可能使用之檢疫處理方式,促進外銷增加農產品收入。本試驗擬研發番石榴檢疫殺蟲處理技術,且為國際間認同的處理方式,以積極手段對付外國蔬果入侵之壓力。建立番石榴鮮果檢疫處理方法,及其保鮮方法,順利將紅龍果順利輸往至其他國家,以拓展外銷市場,提高果農收益。
International trade in horticultural commodities provides many avenus for quarantine pest to enter geographical locations where the pests do not occur. Many quarantine treatments are available and include heat, cold, irradiation, fumigation, and controlled atmospheres. We are going to study the response of some horticultural commodities product in Taiwan to quarantine treatment and to improve the technology for exporting. This project is to develop of quarantine treatment techniques for Guava and design the sampling methods. The results of this research will establish the quarantine treatment techniques and its preservation method to facilitate the export to other countries and promote the income for growers.
其他識別: 93農科-1.10.2-檢-B1(5)
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