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標題: 楊桃低草酸品種選育及採後處理技術改進
Breeding for Low Oxalate Content and Improvement of Postharvest Technology for Carambola
作者: 謝慶昌
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 楊桃產業雖不大,然而是目前主要外銷種類。楊桃由於草酸含量稍高,報告指出,當尿毒病患食用後,會使中樞神經所控制的行為受到抑制,而打嗝。正常人大量食用亦會因寡尿性急性腎衰竭而發生急性草酸腎病變。所以本試驗期以育種方法育成低草酸品系,以提振消費者對楊桃的信心。另外,楊桃外銷上仍有失水、褐化及檢疫技術問題。故本試驗亦針對處理作業擬訂改善措施。
In Taiwan, the commercial production area of carambola is only 1700 ha, but the fruit is very important in exporting. Carambola fruit has been reported to contain neurotoxins that cause convulsions, hiccups, or death in uremic patient, and prolong barbiturate-induced sleeping time in rates. Carambola contains a large quantity of oxalate, which also can induced depression of cerebral function and seizures. This study was conducted to breed a low oxalate content cultivar. During exporting, the loss caused by water loss, discolor, and quarantine treatment is seriously high. So, the other objection in this study is improvement of postharvest handling methods.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.2-糧-Z1(7)
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