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標題: 文心蘭高品質切花量產體系之建立(II)文心蘭養液栽培切花生產之水分與營養研究
Establishment of High Quality Mass Production System of Oncidium Cut Flowers (II) Studies on Water and Nutrition Supply of Cut Oncidium Production by Hydroponic Culture
作者: 林瑞松
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 文心蘭切花生產嚐試以岩棉養液栽培系統,探討不同氮肥、鈣肥濃度之施用對文心蘭營養生長、生育品質之影響。目的在改善傳統以碎石、椰子纖塊、蛇木屑缽植栽培。在文心蘭營養生長期間養分、水分之管理,調查植株假球莖碳水化合物成分。不同氮肥、鈣肥施用對植株生育、營養生長之影響,並分析葉片葉綠素成分、碳水化合物含量。假球莖貯藏性碳水化合物及可溶性糖含量。本試驗擬建立文心蘭切花生產在岩棉養液栽培系統,改善傳統介質缽植之營養生長,以期提高切花品質。
The cut oncidium production will be tried with rockwool nutrition supply system. The studies pursue the effect of nitrogen and calcium at different level on the vegetative growth quality of oncidium. The purpose is the improvement of traditional culture with crashed stones, coconuts chops, fern chop filled in pot for cultivation. During the vegetative growth stage, the water and nutrition supply will be controlled. The carbonhydrates of pseudobulb will be investigated. Effect of different level nitrogen fertilizer, calcium elements present on the plant vegetative growth. The chlorophyll component of leaves, and carbonhydrate content will be analized. The carbonhydrates of pseudobulb in reserved type and soluble sugar also will be surveyed. This experiment is aimed at establishing cut oncidium under rockwool nutrition supply cultural system to improve the traditional cultural pot production on vegetative growth and have desire on promotion of cut flower quality.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.2-糧-Z3(11)
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