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標題: 分散搜尋法於配水管網最佳化設計之應用
The application of Scatter Search on the optiml design of water network system
作者: 劉吉峰
Liu, Chi-Feng
關鍵字: water distribution network
scatter search
heuristic algorithms
出版社: 環境工程學系
摘要: 配水管網最佳化問題屬於高度複雜的非線性問題,傳統用定率式方法求解容易陷入區域最佳解。近年來學者都使用啟發式演算法求解,期望利用啟發式演算法具有跳脫區域最佳解,達到搜尋全域最佳解的能力。 本研究採用近年來受到學者廣泛探討的分散搜尋法(Scatter Search, SS)求解配水管網最佳化問題,並藉由測試函數及配水管網案例了解分散搜尋法的尋優能力及求解效率,配水管網案例包含文獻上常見的及本研究自行設計者。 研究結果顯示,分散搜尋法求解低維度的函數問題都相當優異,高維度時會隨著函數的類型及難易度而有不同結果,整體而言,分散搜尋法的尋優能力表現不錯;配水管網案例部分,文獻中常見的案例在特定的海森-威廉斯係數下,分散搜尋法可得到比文獻更佳的解,本研究自行設計案例的解空間遠大於文獻中常見案例的解空間,因此求解的時間及困難度也增加,但分散搜尋法仍可找到相當優良的解答。
The construction cost of water distribution network contributes a major amount of the total budget of water supply systems. Optimal designs of water distribution network can significantly reduce the construction costs. Therefore such optimization problems received considerable attention over the past three decades. Water distribution network optimizations have been proven NP-hard problems. Because conventional deterministic optimization techniques frequently converge to local optima and hardly obtain the global ones, several heuristic algorithms with global search abilities have been used to solve these optimization problems in recent studies. This research uses scatter search (SS), which also belongs to the heuristic algorithms, to solve the optimization problems of water distribution network. Some multimodal functions are also optimized by SS to evaluate its global searching performance. The results show that SS can effectively optimize most of the complicated multimodal functions. Furthermore, for water distribution network optimization, SS achieves least-cost solutions better than those found in literature.
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