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標題: 扇形文心蘭試管花商品開發
Tube Flowering Commercial Product of Psygmorchis pusilla
作者: 張正
關鍵字: 應用研究
<i>Psygmorchis pusilla</i>
<i>in vitro</i> Flowering
Store and Shopping
摘要: 本研究預計以二年時間,與台南清華蘭園共同開發扇形文心蘭的試管花商品,透過清華蘭園現有的產銷管道,開發巿場。本年度將針對發芽後3-6片葉齡的幼苗進行培養,調整培養基糖類與氮素種類與添加量,乙烯與生長素,即從從營養及生長調節劑的方向著手,以抑制或延後初始花莖形成的時間,一方面增長營養生長的時間,另一方面建立調控開花整齊度的方法,可增加開花品質及後續生產試管花商品之使用效率。在貯運方面針對貯運前的光馴化,貯運後的櫃架光度及觀賞期的光度進行系列研究,另一部份將針對觀賞期的溫度環境與光度的交感作用對花蕾發育開花進行研究,並開發試管花專用的玻璃瓶器。
We carry out the project in 2 years and cooperate with Ching Hua Orchids to product the commercial tube flowering of Psygmorchis pusilla to USA, Europe and Japan. This year, we will enhance the growth of 3-6 leave age seedling of Psygmorchis pusilla by modification the composition and concentration of carbohydrate and nitrogen, ethylene and auxin. The purpose will promote the quality of tube flowering product and synchronize the flowering ability. The acclimation of light intensity before and after store and shopping will be regulate to keep the ability of flowering and its life-spin. Another important factor about the vase-life of the tube flowering product is temperature, we will test the interaction of light intensity and temperature for flower bud blooming. This year, we will design the optimal glass bottle for flowering product culture, store, shopping and market. The will select the elite plant derived this orchid hybrid with miniature oncidium, and enhance the efficient of breeding by increasing the fruit set percentage and the seeds number in each capsule.
其他識別: 98農科-1.2.1-科-aa
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