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標題: 臺灣森林芬多精組成解析及其生理活性探索
Compositions Analysis of Phytoncide Emitted from the Forestry in Taiwan and Their Bioactivities Investigation
作者: 王升陽
關鍵字: 商品化
Forest bathing
林業類, 農業化學類
Therapeutics effects
Centralnervous system
autonomic nervous response
摘要: 森林環境對壓力的舒解效果及其可能存在的療癒功能已普遍被大眾認同,但真正的作用機制仍待科學性的研究予證實。同時,不同樹種所組成的森林,所釋出的揮發性氣體(芬多精)也有著極大的差異性,因此分析臺灣本土森林芬多精組成及其對動物生理功能之作用並建立資料庫,為一兼具學術性與應用性的研究主題。本計畫擬以三年的研究期程,選擇臺灣代表性針、闊葉樹及其所組成的森林,分別於實驗室及森林中分析其揮發性成分組成。而於瞭解成分組成後,並將探討這些成分對動物行為、睡眠等中樞神經之調節,以及對人類心跳、血壓及自律神經等生理功能之影響。除此之外,林木揮發性成分之安全性評估亦將於本計畫中進行探討。本計畫如能獲得支持並順利執行完成,將可為建立台灣森林芬多精的本土資料,賦予森林揮發性成分科學性的數據,除可提供林務局、國家公園管理處及觀光局等作為解說教育資料外,並可作為擬定森林遊樂施政計畫時之參考。
Nowadays people recognize empirically that the potential therapeuticseffects of forest environment. Taking in the forest atmosphere or forestbathing could provide relaxation and reduce stress. However, the therapeuticeffects of forest environment still needs the scientific evidence for supportingits mechanisms. In addition, the diversity volatile compounds (Phytoncide)emitted from vary trees. To study and establish the local Phytoncide database and explore its effects on physiology of animal in Taiwan is a valuableand useful study topic. In this 3-year research project, the Phytoncideemitted from the represent conifers and broad-leaved trees as well as theirconstructed forestry will be characterized. Then, the effects of Phytoncide oncentral nervous system (animal behavior and sleeping regulation) andautonomic nervous response regulation will be further investigated. In themean time, the safety of volatiles will be evaluated in this study. We believethat the local data base of Phytoncide will be established after implementingthis purposed research project. The results obtained in this project will notonly provide the scientific evidences for Phytoncide application,but also asthe explanation material of Eco-education for Forestry Bureau, TourismBureau, and National Parks. Besides, the results of this study could be aimportant reference for establishment the government project of forestrecreation in the future.
其他識別: NSC99-2628-B005-011-MY3
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