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標題: 衡量顧客關係管理的關鍵成功因素及績效-以台中五星級飯店業為例
Measuring Crm Critical Success Factors and Performance-An Empirical Study of the Taichung Five Star Hotel Industry
作者: 何建達
關鍵字: 基礎研究
Customer Relationship Management
Critical Successful Factors
Hotel Industry
摘要: 近年來,全球化的市場開拓、消費者意識抬頭,台灣企業對於消費者的需求愈趨重視。因此,飯店業者為了維持良好的營運績效能力,奠定在產業中的競爭優勢,必須不斷的增進其滿足顧客需求的能力。然而,在沒有完善的事前策略規劃及事後有效的評估檢測下,導致顧客關係管理的績效不彰案例眾多。因此,本研究將深入探討飯店業在實行顧客關係管理的關鍵成功因素以及事後的績效評估準則。現今在研究顧客關係管理時多偏向影響變項的關連性,例如顧客關係管理與顧客滿意及忠誠的關係;少有針對顧客關係管理的事前規劃及事後績效評估檢測作為整體的研究目標;加上評估顧客關係管理績效的研究多為觀念性的探討,因此本研究將提出評估顧客關係管理績效的指標,試圖將衡量的構面操作化以精確數字來作為研究的方向。本研究利用的方法-透過問卷,調查飯店顧客重視的行銷策略並以此為分析工具,透過分析結果,萃取出台灣前三大飯店的導入顧客關係管理關鍵成功因素;另外,在取得顧客對於飯店服務後評價,衡量台中五星級飯店的顧客關係管理績效,並透過分析結果,萃取出五星級飯店成功使用顧客關係管理之管理意涵。最後,依據績效評估之結果,回顧飯店之關鍵成功因素,評估是否需要進行修改。
In recent years, the widely expanding global market and the raising consumerconsciousness has resulted in an increasing demand for Taiwanese corporation to attach greatimportance to consumer need. Thus, in order to survive in a highly competitive environment,hotels need to strengthen their abilities continuously which can increase customersatisfaction. However, there are many failure cases of introducing CRM under faultinessstrategic plan and post-CRM performance evaluation. Therefore, this study attempts toexplore the hotel's CRM critical success factors and post-CRM performance evaluationnorms.Most previous studies concerning CRM focus merely on examining the relationshipsbetween each construct, for example, the relationship among CRM, customer satisfactionand loyalty. There are few researches focusing on pre-CRM strategic planning andpost-CRM performance evaluation. Moreover, most researches of CRM evaluation wereonly conceptual discussion. This study will propose some CRM key performance indicators,and try to measure CRM performance.This study will use questionnaire to investigate the hotel's customers about marketingstrategy they use, and then analyze the data. Through this way, we can extract some CSFsfrom the top three hotels in Taiwan. On the other hand, after data collection from customers,we can measure the Taichung five star hotels' CRM critical success factors. Throughstatistical analysis, find some managerial implications from five star hotels' successful CRM.Eventually, according to the result of performance evaluation, we will review the CSFs ofhotels and evaluate if they should be modified or not.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-034
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