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標題: 本土中草藥選種育種及有機栽培研究
Research on Selection, Breeding and Organic Farming for Medical Herbs
作者: 陳世雄
關鍵字: 應用研究
Natural herb
strobilanthes cusia
Organic farming
摘要: 本研究探討中藥馬藍之篩選、成分分析、選種、優良農業操作以及有機栽培模式之建立,並擬進一步進行適應本地環境之育種工作。南板藍根,即本土植物馬藍,中醫藥學界已肯定其功效。本計畫擬先建立馬藍無菌苗,固定化材料遺傳背景,可望增加栽培試驗、誘變育種與藥性分析準確度。其次無菌播種的馬藍種子在無病蟲害干擾下存活率高,可在狹小面積進行大量的種苗高強度逆境篩選,如溫度、水分、pH值與養分逆境等,可望多樣化馬藍種植特性,亦可望獲得若干特殊栽培習性之馬藍品系。另為保證中草藥的療效及管制品質,首先需建立中草藥種植的GAP及有機農法,以期能生產大量高品質及高有效成分的中草藥,並降低重金屬、農藥及微生物的污染。本計畫同時探討馬藍各來源植物化學成分之指紋圖譜,及成分含量隨季節之變化,以作為採收之依據。並期探討分離其高極性成分,作為指標成分的可能性。計畫目的在詳細篩選中藥馬藍重要種源,詳細調查分析其性狀及有效成分,選取適合本土栽培特性之種源,及高有效成份種源,進行雜交或誘變育種,並建立GAP模式及有機栽培方法。相關結果,將來亦可推廣及於其他中草藥GAP及有機栽培。預期本計畫之執行,將有助於未來我國中草藥原料本土化及無污染生產,有助於中草藥原料品質之管制及品質之提昇。
Natural herb Ma-Lam (Strobilanthes cusia) was chosed to collect and identify its germplasms, purify the genotypes, establish the organic and good agricultural production (GAP) model, analysis the effective curing components and breed for the local elite lines.The native plant Ma-Lam, south Ban-Lam-kan, as am effective Chinese medicinal herb had already been conformed. Lots of raw materials were imported from China privately without genotypically identified. Tissue culture protocols of Ma-Lam are established first to produce enough pest-free plantlets. With this genetically purified test materials to standardize the cultural practice and analysis the effective chemical components. Mass propagation of Ma-Lam from pest and disease-free seeding in cultural medium can be achieved. From this materials diversified stress tolerance cultural lines such as extreme temperature, water logging, and nutrients deficiency?HHHHK etc.Good agricultural production and organic culture are necessary for good quality and stability of effective chemical components. Fingerprinting of chemical components and its seasonal fluctuation are analyzed to find the key indicator of the effective chemical components and harvesting time.Finally, high quality and stable Ma-Lam genotypes that suitable for local GAP and organic culture are breeded.
其他識別: CCMP92-RD-043
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