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標題: 巴拉刈(Paraquat)除草劑抗性水稻突變體篩選及抗性機制研究
Screening of Paraquat Resistant Rice Mutants and Its Resistance Mechanism
作者: 王慶裕
關鍵字: 基礎研究
Rice, Sodium azide, Mutants, Paraquat, Herbicide, Resistance
摘要: 本計劃擬以前農試所農藝組王強生研究員(現已返興大農藝系任教)提供之水稻台農67 號(TNG 67)經NaN3 誘變所得之突變庫自交系(M7)為材料進行研究,根據2006年以paraquat(巴拉刈)初步篩選,已找出可能之抗感性突變體;因此本研究擬以2006年預備試驗中所篩選出之抗、感性突變體為對象,配合TNG 67 為對照,探討造成抗性之生理機制。由於paraquat 之作用在與photosystem I 電子傳遞鏈上之ferredoxin爭奪電子,paraquat 一旦取得電子將使氧分子成為活化氧族造成細胞內之氧化逆境,進而引起植株死亡。本計畫將根據2006 年篩選出之抗感性突變體自交後代進行劑量反應分析確認其抗性,配合單株選拔及M7 自交後代(M8)繁殖,並準備進行相關抗性生理分析。本計畫共計三年,前二年擬探討水稻抗性突變體對paraquat 之可能抗性機制,包括paraquat 在抗感性植株中的吸收、轉運、代謝解毒能力差異與目標ferredoxinprotein 是否改變,以及一旦paraquat 造成氧化逆境後是否有抗氧化系統參予解除氧化逆境。此外,第三年除了進行抗性遺傳行為分析外,將由王強生博士負責進行抗性相關之差異性蛋白分析與基因分離鑑定。
In 2006, both paraquat-resiatant and -susceptible candidates of rice derivedfrom NaN3 mutation pool (kindly offered by Dr. Wang C. S), have beenselected in our preliminary experiment based on the injury index. The paraquatresistance of these mutants will be further identified in this project based onthe log-logistic analysis of dose-response relationship (Seefeldt et al., 1995).In general, herbicide resistance mechanisms in plants and microbes areclosely related to the inhibition of herbicide uptake and/or translocation, theenhancement of herbicide metabolism (detoxification), the alteration oftarget site (protein), as well as the overproduction of target enzyme. Besides,the elimination of oxidative stress caused by herbicide, such as paraquat,responsible for the herbicide resistance has also been reported. Therefore, allpossible mechanisms of paraquat resistance in the mutants selected from thisstudy will be identified thoroughly, and the genetic behavior of paraquatresistance will be explored. In addition, the specific proteins and differentiallyexpressed genes related to paraquat resistance will also be discussed.
其他識別: NSC96-2628-B005-005-MY3
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