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標題: 坡面噴植工法之引進與應用研究 (I)
Study on the Introduction and Application of Hydroseeding on the Slopeland (I)
作者: 林信輝
關鍵字: 水土資源保育, 土木水利工程類
摘要: 噴植工法之引進與應用迄今有近三十年, 噴植機具不斷改良, 應用材料更具多樣性, 在多數人為開挖坡面或自然裸露之崩塌地施行, 應用噴植方法之整體經濟效益及坡面穩定效益頗佳, 且噴植施工迅速安全亦能克服各種崩塌坡面環境應力, 將是未來植生復育應用工法的趨勢.噴植工法之技術與相關材料之應用, 大多來自國外( 尤其是日本 ), 一般而言先以國外技術直接引用, 漸以台灣地區本土之材料取代及適合之工法改良, 其中連續長纖維團粒噴植工法、團粒化劑噴植工法及航空綠化是近年來引進開發之噴植技術, 未來仍有研究發展空間, 在施工技術規範、植生材料與應用及驗收標準上, 亦有待研討及改進本計畫將以此類工法所施工地點, 進行植被特性及植物之功能進行調查分析, 並與過去曾經施行之植生工法比較, 建置資料庫, 同時進行噴植基材物理特性試驗及化學性質分析, 以提供本土基材改良、研製之建議.
Spray planting engineering method had been applied for more than thirty years.The spray planting apparatus has been continuously and the applied materials are more diversified.This method is most applied on cutting slope and nature sliding area.We found that spray planting method has highly economic benefit and can stabilize slope environment.Most of the technology and applied materials of spray planting engineering method were imported from Japan, and then substitute with the local materials gradually.The continuous long fiber aggregate spray planting method, aggregated agent and aero afforestation method were imported and developed in these few years.There still has study potential, such as construction standardization, vegetative material and checking standardization.In this study, the vegetative characteristics and function will be investigated in the area, which have been applied by these methods.The result will be compare with the traditional method and the data base will be constructed.In the meanwhile, the physical and chemical characteristics of spray planting mixture will be analyzed, which will provide the suggestion of the improvement and manufacture of spray planting mixture.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.2-林-R1(3)
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