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標題: 台灣梳子壩防治土石流成效之研究 (I)
A Study on the Effect of the Slit Dam for the Debris Flow Control in Taiwan (I)
作者: 段錦浩
關鍵字: 水土資源保育, 土木水利工程類
摘要: 梳子壩在台灣前後已經用了二十年,因為它的規劃設計較繁雜,所以還不普遍,八十五年賀伯颱風後,應用在土石流防治表現普遍受到肯定.但個案設計對工作人員還是很重的負擔.本研究將先行收集國內的研究資料及各單位現場施作梳子壩的資料,就資料加以分析,並至梳子壩現場勘查了解它的功能.我們將探討現場粒徑,梳子的尺寸,梳子的淨間距,壩的力學分析,梳子的力學分析等.最後我們希望編製符合實用、安全、經濟、美觀及生態的梳子壩設計手冊.
The slit dam has been used in Taiwan for 20 years approximately. It is not so popular because the planning and design are very complicate and difficult. After Herb typhoon, 1996, the implementation of the slit dam for debris flow cotrol is significant. But it is still a hard work to the engineer for each case. This study is going to collect the research reports, and to find out the slit dam construction data in Taiwan. After data analysis, we are going to have the slit dam site investigation for detail study. We are going to study the gradation of the debris, the dimension of the slit, the clear spacing of the slit, and the structural analysis of the dam and the slit. Finally, the slit dam design handbook will be find out according to the utility, safety, economy, beauty and ecology.
其他識別: 91農科-1.3.1-保-S1(1)
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