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標題: 「保健食品研究開發」整合規劃推動計畫
Promotion Project on R&Amp;D of Functional Foods (Invited Project)
作者: 顏國欽
關鍵字: 基礎研究
摘要: 台灣保健食品的之市場日益龐大,但因其成分複雜、功能多元、安全有效劑量未明,使得台灣的保健食品呈現良莠不齊而管理困難。國科會有鑑於此,乃積極與衛生署、農委會共同規劃推動保健食品之研究開發計畫,於87年12月成立「保健食品跨部會整合推動委員會」,負責規劃、聯繫與推動,期望在不久的將來,「保健食品」在我國能成為一重大產業。整合推動委員會執行至今已十年,研究成果除了論文發表外,並有產學合作8件、專利4件、技術轉移4件及可開發成產品的達12件。本年度目前共有4件整合型計畫及3件產學合作計畫正執行中。本年度之工作繼續著重於整合型計畫及產學合作計畫之推動,以開發具體保健食品產品為目標導向,每年計有二次計畫進度及研究成果之審核,由各相關領域之專家亦提供審查意見作為各計畫在執行上的參考,並由本委員會專責定期考核與追蹤各計畫之執行現況與整合成果,期使各計畫能達到所預期成效以達成開發保健食品產品之最終目標。「保健食品研究開發計畫」秉持一貫嚴格審查、目標導向之標準,此外,本年度委員會召集人及執行秘書將推動每3至4個月舉行一次集會,會中除由召集人向各委員報告會務之推動進況外,亦可就每季之季成果報告中,適時提出研究建議與修正,交換彼此意見與技術交流,以規劃未來之工作方向與重點。本年度為三年期整合型與產學合作計畫的第三年,將積極推動及促成技轉與產學合作,促使開發出的保健食品能落實成為產品,亦可使已在市面流通之保健食品能以科學方法證實是否具特殊生理功能,以期成為台灣獨具特色與高附加價值之重要食品產業,並得以維護國人健康,增進民生福祉。
The development of functional food market in Taiwan is more popular than ever before. Owning to the problems such as complicated composition, multi-functions, and unconfirmed safety dose, the functional food products in the marketplace of Taiwan are relatively messy and chaotic, resulting in some difficulties in administration. The National Science Council accordingly has cooperated with the Department of Health, and Council of Agriculture to implement some integral research program. It has been ten years for the “Inter-departments Promoting Committee for Research and Development of Functional Food” to implement functional foods research and development scheme. Research achievements included publications, 8 industry-university cooperation, 4 patents, 4 technology transfers, and 12 prototypes available to be commercialized. In this year (August 2011 to July 2012), four integrated research projects and 3 industry-university cooperative research projects are currently under performing.The major goal of this year keeps on soliciting integral research projects and academy-industry cooperation projects. These projects should be product-oriented and aim to develop concrete functional products. Two progress reports and assessments of the achievements will be carried out each year by the reviewers with the expertise of relevant subject to provide opinion for reference. The committees also regularly trace and assess the progress and achievements of each project in order to anticipate that all projects can fulfill the task of developing the functional food prototypes or products as proposed. In every 3-4 months, the convener and executive secretary of the committee will held a seminar for the announcements of the convener, quarterly report of the achievements, and discussion among the reviewers and investigators. Improvements and amendments about the project will be suggested by the reviewers in the seminar. The future goal and directions of the development of functional foods will be discussed by the committee as well.This project is the third year of the three-year functional foods research and development scheme. The major goals of the scheme are to promote the technology transfer and academy-industry cooperation, hence to encourage the commercialization of the research results. Another goal is to verify the exact physiological functions of the functional food products in the market in order to enhance the added value and characteristics of these products. The improvement of public health by consuming functional foods developed in Taiwan and also the prosperous functional food industry are the ultimate goal of the research scheme.
其他識別: NSC100-2312-B005-003
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