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標題: Forestry Administrative Performance A Case Study :Taiwan Forestry Baurea
林業行政管理積效之研究 -以臺灣省林務局為例
作者: 林喻東
關鍵字: Performance
Forestry Adminstration
摘要: 本研究從行政管理之理論著手,就組織結構、組織資源、領導形態、溝通、工作士氣及工作滿足感等方面來探討目前林業行政管理上所遭遇之間題。本研究之研究對象包括林務局本局(不包括農林航空測量所)、八個林區管理處及34 個工作站,透過問卷調查、口頭訪問以及資料蒐集等方法進行研究,再利用描述性分析、t-test、單因于變異數分析、迴歸分析以及路徑分析等進行統計分析。 經由調查之結果得知,影響績效之最大因素是工作士氣,次為組織資源;而影響工作士氣之最大因素為組織結構,組織資源則是受試者最不滿意之一部分。所以,改進林業行政管理績效首先可由組織結構與組織資源著手。 This study starts from the theory of administration management to explore the encountered questiones in forestry administration , and then focuses on organizational structure, organizational resource, leadership forms,communication, morale, satisfaction and so on. The investigation object of this study includes T.F.B, eight forestry district, and thirty-four working stations with exception of Aerial Survey lnstitute. This study was carried out by quesionnaire, oral visition, collecting data and so on, and the analysis involved descriptive statistics, t-test, the one-factor analysis of variance, multiple regression and path analysis. The investigation results were shown as follows : the most important effection the performance are morale and organizational resource. However the most important effect on the morale is organizational structure. The organizational resource is the most dissatisfactory item of all. Therefore, the improvement of the forestry administration should be from organizational structure and organizational resource.
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