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標題: Studies on Management Technique of Leased National Forestland in Central Area of Taiwan
作者: 林喻東
關鍵字: leased forestland
management technique
摘要: 本省國有林出租造林制度由來已久,至今全部放租面積為85,391公頃,其放租原意主要配合當時國家社會之需要,增加生產並讓墾民有合法的土地使用權。為現今木材生產不景氣,出租林地常有超限利用情形發生,影響山坡地之水土保持,也是為目前林地管理之重要項目。 本研究抽樣問卷調查全省租地造林面積最大之南投林區承租戶576家,其結果主要從租地造林戶之經營技術,林務機關對出租造林地的管理與租地造林的政策、法令三個層面加以分析討論。並建議日後租地造林之政策應遵行國家之造林與土地利用政策之方針,以重點式的抽查來加強林地管理工作,並對租地造林林農給予更多的輔導及直接財政上的補助,提高其造林意願。 In Taiwan, the policy and institution of national forestland for leasing has been started since 1951. Up to now, the total area has reached 85,391 ha, which occupies an important place of the economic forestland in Taiwan. The original idea of above policy was trying to increase the wood production and to legitimatize the cultivator to possess the usufructory right of these lands. Recently, it happens a lot that the contractors overuse the lands, That could affect water and soil conservation of the slopeland. The method of this research is to investigate the contractors by questionnaire and to inquire the workstation staffs in Nantou district, which has the most largest area of the leased forestland. Three aspects are discussed as result: 1) To examine the management technique of the contractors. 2) To find out the supervisory achievement of the TBF. 3) To clarify the suspicions of related law and regulation. Therefore, we suggest: 1) The policy of reforestation on leased national forestland must follow the guidance of both national land use and reforestation policy. 2) The supervisor should enhance the examination to the current use of the leased forestland. 3) Provide more assistance and subsidy for the contractors to reinforce their reforestation intention.
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