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標題: 蘭花組培苗生產認證制度之建立與關鍵生產技術之補強
Establishment of the production certification system for the orchids plantlets and the enhance of the key production technique
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 生物技術
light quality
carbon footprints
orchids plantlets
摘要: 此計畫目的為建立組培苗生產認證制度中碳足跡,能源消耗,水消耗量等三種環境指標之計算方式以推廣應用於組培業界。用以協助擴展行銷市場。補強組培苗生產技術,以應用於其他高競爭力之蘭屬,用以提昇生產效率,改善生產品質。工作項目包括: 1. 完成蝴蝶蘭組培苗供應鏈中碳足跡與能源使用量之評估公式。 2. 進行不同燈具之光譜對於蝴蝶蘭組培苗生長特性影響之研究。 3. 進行組培苗生產設備之盤點與性能維護技術研究。 4. 進行蝴蝶蘭瓶苗與健化苗光合作用機制之研究。 5. 進行文心蘭盆花組培苗生產量產標準化作業。 建立組培苗生產認證制度中碳足跡,能源消耗,水消耗量等三種環境指標之計算方式以推廣應用於組培業界。用以協助擴展行銷市場。補強組培苗生產技術,以應用於其他高競爭力之蘭屬,用以提昇生產效率,改善生產品質。
The carbon foot printing and others environmental indexes of the production certification system has been concerned. The calculation model of these indexes for orchids plantlets need to be established. These indexes and calculation method could provide the useful information for the energy saving and corresponded to the requirement of foreign market. The working items of the project includes:1. To establish the calculation models of carbon foot printing and energy utilization for <I>Phalaenopsis</I> plantlets, 2. To study the effect of the spectrum of various light sources on the growth characteristics of plantlets, 3. To check the novelty equipments and study their maintain technique, 4. To study the photosynthesis routes of the plantlet and acclimation nursery for <I>Phalaenopsis</I>, 5. to establish the standard operation procedure for the mass production of <I>Oncidiums</I> plantlets.
其他識別: 101農科-9.1.1-糧-Z2(3)
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