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標題: 國產截切蔬菜行銷策略之研究
Study on Marketing Strategy of Local Fresh Cutted Vegetables
作者: 翁郁凱
關鍵字: 農產運銷
摘要: 一、 分析截切蔬菜所面臨之行銷環境優劣勢及競爭環境做為研提行銷策略之依據。 二、 蒐集目前國內辦理截切蔬菜業務之農民團體或農企業之行銷現況與所面臨問題等資訊。 三、 瞭解目前購置截切蔬菜之單位、企業其需求內涵與亟需改善之問題。 四、 探討B to C(廠商對消費者)市場一般消費者對截切蔬菜之認知與偏好趨勢。 五、 針對B to B(廠商對廠商)市場導入關係行銷與相關行銷策略,提昇市場需求,擴大市場規模。
1. Analyzing the marketed environment's strength and weakness and its competitive environment, which would be the gist of the proposal? 2. Up gathering the data of the present condition and the problem in the agricultural organization or corporation that in charge of the cases about cutted vegetables indomest. 3. Realizing the organization or corporation buying cutted vegetables' necessity and the problem which should be improved urgent. 4. Seeing into the consumer's cognizance and favorite tendency of the cutted vegetables in the B to C market. 5. Introducing into relational market and correlative marketing strategy contra posed the B to B market, there through, we may promote the need of the market and expand its size.
其他識別: 95農科-2.1.4-糧-Z1(5)
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