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標題: 鴨蛋清洗選別與皮蛋凝膠品質檢測系統之開發
The Development of the Duck Egg Cleaning and Crack Inspecting Automatic System and the Pidan Gelling Quality Inspecting System
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本年度依據皮蛋凝膠檢測之方法所完成之靜態雛型機進行動態測試,了解機構於動作中所產生之振動干擾是否對皮蛋之判斷產生影響,並進行改善。待測試完成後移置嘉義川明蛋行進行實地測試與評估,並採納蛋農之建議進行產品機之設計與組裝,已完成一商品機為目標,期望以自動化機器幫助農民取代人工判別,並訂定皮蛋凝膠分級標準。 推廣已有之蛋品清洗機結合先前開發之蛋殼裂痕自動化檢測系統,成為一貫自動化作業系統,進一步協助蛋農配合農委會政策推廣生鮮鴨蛋。 以非破壞性檢測方式為基礎,研究開發皮蛋凝膠品質檢測系統,以彌補目前檢測方式之缺點,落實技術本土化,本年度之目標為完成皮蛋凝膠檢測機構,幫助蛋農訂定檢測標準,避免人工檢測產生之誤差及因人工檢測所造成之手部傷害,降低人工成本並確保品質,提高台灣地區農產品之市場競爭力,待開發完成後,預計將有百家蛋農受惠。
According to the method of Pidan gel inspecting, the mode in static state will test in acting, and find out that did the vibration from the acting mechanism will effect the judging, and improving. After the test, the mechanism will move to Jia-Yi, and precede probation and estimate in the spot where the Pidan manufactured. Then, listen and accept the suggestion of the Pidan procreator to improve and redesign the mechanism, the objective is achieve an manufacture which could help the Pidan procreator to replace the manual with automatic mechanism, and set the standard of the Pidan gelling. The duck egg cleaning system will connect with the automatic detecting system of eggshell-crack, cooperating with the internal duck-egg farmer, in order to consistently automate the grading system and further assist Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan with fresh duck-egg merchandising. Based on non-destructive inspection, we must endeavor to develop Pidan gelling quality inspecting system so as to supplement defects and practice local technology at present. The yearly project is to complete Pidan gelling quality inspecting system, set up inspecting standards for farmers from manual inaccuracy or hand injuries, lower the manual cost, and heighten farm-product competitiveness in Taiwan. It is expected to favor hundreds of egg farmers after completeness.
其他識別: 95農科-7.1.1-牧-U1(2)
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