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標題: 外銷水果集貨清洗技術與機械設備開發
The Development of Cleaning Technique and System for Export Fruits
作者: 黃裕益
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本計畫已於94年開發出以物理性方法為主的農產品清洗系統雛型機,為超音波整合臭氧水之清洗設備,本年度將朝商品化的清洗系統發展,以每日處理一個貨櫃量為基礎,並加強清洗後水果品質的維護,及進行外銷模擬試驗,以符合外銷水果之實際需求。臭氧具強氧化力,多應用在廢水淨化上,臭氧可消滅水中細菌及病毒,對農藥的去除也有成效。超音波以每秒4萬6仟次的高速振動在液體中傳導、推動介質,使液體分子間產生無數微小真空氣泡,造成空穴效應(CAVITATION),可將附著在農產品表面及死角細縫之污垢打散剝離,達到徹底洗淨的效果。此計畫之執行將有利於國產水果開拓外銷契機,提供解決水果盛產期產量過盛問題之另一管道。
Ozone has the capability of oxidation to clean the waste water, to eliminate the dangerous germ cells and viruses, and to remove some chemical residue. The ultrasonic wave generates tremendous infinitesimal bubbles with 64,000 Hz to make the cavitation effect. The cavitation effect can be used to remove the dust which stick on the surface or stay inside a hole or breakage. The developed system will be tested and evaluated via the products storage tests and quality evaluation. The conduction of this project will benefit the local fruits to enter the world market.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.3-糧-Z4(4)
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