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標題: 生質能源於農業機具之應用評估
The Application and Estimation of Biomass-Energy in the Field of Agricultural Machinery
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本計畫將評估包括生質酒精、生質汽油、生質柴油等,應用於農業機具上的可行性,並蒐集國內外生質能源的相關技術、分析產能,提供未來國內生質能源發展及規劃之參考,朝永續生產生質能源邁進。目前台灣政府獎勵補助之綠色產業,營造出生產生質能源的利機,讓大企業也願意投入生產端,推動生質能源,除了可以降低農民生產成本,增加農民收益,並可減少無論是柴油引擎或汽油引擎所排放出來的黑煙,以改善空氣品質,期望台灣成為一個綠色國家。
This plan appraised including the bio-ethyl alcohol, the bio-gasoline, the bio-diesel and so on, applies on the agricultural machinery and analyzes its feasibility. It is also to collect the biomass-energy related technology at home and aboard, to analyze the products capacity. It can be provided as the development and the reference for domestic biomass-energy in the future. Finally, the dynasty continues forever produces the biomass-energy to make great strides forward. At present the Taiwan government rewards green industry the subsidy, gives the opportunity of having the biomass-energy, such that the big enterprise have the willing to invest the production end and impelling the biomass-energy. It may reduce the farmer production cost, increases the farmer income, and reduce the black smoke which the diesel engine or the gasoline engine discharges, improves the air quality, expected Taiwan becomes a green country.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.3-糧-Z4(3)
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