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標題: 花卉立式容器運用效能提升之研究
The Study on Performance Enhancements for Using Procona System in Flower
作者: 黃裕益
關鍵字: 農產運銷
摘要: 1.針對傳統立式容器清洗系統人事成本過高及清洗速度緩慢之問題,設計建置完善的進出料自動化設備,以降低使用之人力,提昇其效率與性能。 2.建立適用於花卉立式容器之RFID系統並研發花卉拍賣作業電子碼化體系與規劃適用RFID之花卉集運出貨作業自動化系統。
1. In order to reduce the manpower used and to promote the efficiency and performance of clean-procona machine, the automatic feeding and outlet equipment will be designed according as the personnel cost is too high and the clean speed is too slow. 2.Establishing the RFID system suitable for procona system, designing EPC used in auctioned flower, and planning the automatic deliver and receicer system with RFID will be achieve in this research.
其他識別: 95農科-8.2.1-糧-Z1(3)
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