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標題: 皮蛋凝膠品質檢測系統之開發
The Development of the Pidan Gelling Quality Inspecting System
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 自動化工程
摘要: 依據去年度之測試與設計,首先要進行檢測機構之改良,尋找更佳之方法以降低磨擦力之干擾影響,並同時組裝商品機之主要機械結構,即所設計之四線同步檢測之機構,期四線同步檢測之速度可達到一分鐘檢測60顆皮蛋以上之速度,並測試及改良四線同部檢測之間是否造成訊號干擾影響,以利配電工作及判別程式設計與改良,進一步以提高訊號穩定度及分級準確率為目標,再進行電路板之設計與測試以取代電腦之功用,使商品機之成本降低,提高穩定度,最後進行該機之測試,待測試後舉辦說明會,將該機推廣至各家蛋農使用。以非破壞性檢測方式為基礎,研究開發皮蛋凝膠品質檢測系統,以彌補目前檢測方式之缺點,落實技術本土化,本年度之目標為完成皮蛋凝膠檢測機構,幫助蛋農訂定檢測標準,避免人工檢測產生之誤差及因人工檢測所造成之手部傷害,降低人工成本並確保品質,提高台灣地區農產品之市場競爭力,待開發完成後,預計將有百家蛋農受惠。
According to the test and design of the proto-type of the Pidan inspecting system, firstly, it is to improve the inspecting system, look for a best method to lower the effect of the friction, and implement the main structure of that system with four synchronous inspecting lines. It is to expect that such a system could have the capacity of inspecting rate with sixty Pidans in one minute. To test and improve the disturbances of all signals while running the four synchronous inspecting lines, it is helpful for the work of circuit distribution and design of determination function. Secondly, it aims to stabilize the signals and accuracy of grading. Finally, the inspecting system will promote to egg farmers after preceding the test.By using the technique of non-destructive inspection, it is to develop Pidan gelling quality inspecting system to make up for the shortcomings and to carry out local technology. The yearly project is to complete Pidan gelling quality inspecting system, to set up the inspecting standards for farmers. Besides, it is helpful to avoid the manual inaccuracy and hand injuries, to lower the manual cost and raise farm-product competitiveness of Taiwan. It is expected to favor hundreds of egg farmers after completeness.
其他識別: 96農科-9.1.1-牧-U1(2)
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