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標題: 整合安培感測器之毛細管電泳晶片於β-agonist的分離與應用
Capillary Electrophoresis Chip Integrated with Amperometric Detector for Separation and Application of Βeta-Agonist
作者: 吳靖宙
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類
Amperometric Detector
Capillary Electrophoresis Chip
Blood Sample
摘要: Beta-agonist因具有增加生理代謝率與去除脂肪的功能,目前已常被不合法的添加至家畜飼料中,因此發展高靈敏度與專一性的檢測法是目前健康農業食品的重要議題之一。本研究的目的希望透過微製程技術,將電化學感測器直接整合至毛細管電泳晶片上,變成一微小化,可攜式的實驗室分析晶片,以達快速即時檢測的需求。計畫重要工作項目 1. 完成EC-CE晶片的表面改質。 2. 完成電泳電壓源與電化學檢測電源的共接地改良。 3. 完成running buffer之最佳化以評估salbutamol在EC-CE晶片的檢測特性。 4. 完成salbutamol 在EC-CE晶片的檢測特性(線性範圍、靈敏度與檢測極限)的評估。 5. 完成以EC-CE晶片於動物血清內分離與檢測salbutamol的可行性與特性評估。預期效益 1. 高穩定親水性之EC-CE晶片的表面修飾技術,以避免salbutamol對管壁的吸附與維持穩定之電滲透流。 2. 電泳電壓源與電化學檢測電源的共零點與共地點的改良,以增進低濃度藥物檢測的穩定性。 3. 適合在CE晶片內進行salbutamol電化學檢測所需之最佳緩衝液成份的建立。 4. 完成最佳之樣本注入電壓的控制方式,使檢測極限與樣本解析度能夠提升。 5. 完成血液樣本的前處理步驟,以利CE晶片的檢測。 6. 完成salbutamol在處理後之血液樣本內的電化學活性評估。 7. 評估以EC-CE晶片對處理後之血液樣本內salbutamol的檢測特性。
Project objectives:Owing to the functions of fat breakdown and metabolism increase, the beta-agonists are often illegally used as a feed additive. The development of high sensitive and specific detection method has become one of important topics in health-agriculture food fields. In the project, we will construct a capillary electrophoresis (CE) microchip integrated with a electrochemical (EC) detector by using micro-fabrication techniques to form a miniature portable lab-on-a-chip so as to achieve the requirement of fast and real-time detection.Important working items:1. To finish the surface modification of EC-CE microchip2. To finish the co-ground point between the high-voltage power supply and the EC instrument. 3. To optimize the CE-needed running buffer for salbutamol4. To determine the detection properties of salbutamol with the EC-CE chip5. To estimate the feasibility of performing the salbutamol separation and detection in serum with the EC-CE chipPredictable benefits:1. Establishment of the stable surface modification for the hydrophilicity of EC-CE chip to reduce the adsorption for the micro-channel and keep the stable electroosmotic flow2. Refinement of co-group-circuit to improve the detection signal stability in low concentration of salbutamol 3. Use of optimal running buffer for salbutamol separation in CE chip4. Establishment of electrokinetic sample-injection method to promote the detection limit5. Preconditioning of blood sample for the detection of CE chip6. Accomplishment of electrochemical properties of salbutamol in blood samples7. Estimation of detection properties of salbutamol obtained from pretreated blood sample in EC-CE chip
其他識別: 96農科-14.2.2-檢-B1(1)
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