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標題: 斃死禽畜高溫微生物快速處理設備之開發
The Development of Fast Treatment Facility with Thermoduric Bacteria for Dead Animals
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 自動化工程
Dead Animals
Thermoduric Bacteria
Application Models
摘要: 本研究在參考國內外相關資料,根據斃死雞隻之處理需求,開發斃死雞隻之微生物高溫處理試驗設備雛型機,共針對產出物之品質分析與資源再利用探討,建立利用微生物處理斃死畜禽之相關關鍵技術。本研究之利用微生物高溫處理技術來處理斃死畜禽,可大幅提高作業效能,減少作業時間及對環境的污染。並藉以建立本土化斃死畜禽處理技術及處理設備,以提升農民自行處理事業廢棄物的能力。微生物高溫處理斃死畜禽後之產出物既沒臭味又富含動物性蛋白質,具高度利用價值,為廢棄資源的回收與再利用。
Accoding to the treatment request for dead poultry, this study will refer domestic and foreign related materials and develop a high efficiency thermal treatment facilities with selected bacteria. The treatment output will be analyzed to find out its value and to convert into valuable resource. The study will establish some critical treatment technique to resolve the problem of dead poultry. The study, which applies a treatment technique with thermoduric bacteria to dead poultry, can significantly increase the treatement efficiency, and decrease the treatment time and reduce the pollution threat to the environment. The local treantment technique and facility will be developed and established. Local farmers will be benefit to own this technique and facility to handle their problems of dead poultry. Since the output from developed facilities has no stinking smell and high content of protein, it can be reused and becomes valuable bio-resource.
其他識別: 96農科-9.1.1-牧-U1(1)
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