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標題: 農產廢棄物堆肥化處理機械之研發與改良
The Study and Development of a Farm Production Wastes Fertilization Machinery
作者: 王豐政
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 研發完成ㄧ中型密閉式之農產廢棄物堆肥化處理機械系統之前處理系統,包括進料輸送、粗選與輥壓碎裂等設備。1.完成前處理系統,確保堆肥資材之去雜分選、粗碎減積,以利後續發酵之進行。2.提高有機廢棄物之回收率與再利用率。3.提升有機堆肥之製作品質。4.協助推廣與建立各處農業產銷班、合作社或果菜批發市場就地處理廢棄物。
To research and development, in order to finish a pre- process system of a medium-sized airtight type farm production wastes fertilization machinery. Including charge-in and sending(Conveyer equipment), primary election, and the roller pressed and cracked equipment, etc. The pre-process system can guarantee to reach the following advantages:1.The impurity of the compost material is separated, broken to pieces thickly, reduce the volume , with the going on of favorable follow-up ferment. 2.Improve the rate of recovery of the organic offal and utilization ratio again.3.Improve the making quality of the organic compost.4.To popularize and setting up all parts of the producing and selling class of agriculture, cooperative society, or the wholesale market of fruits and vegetables deals with the offal on the Locality.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z3(6)
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