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標題: 稻米線上微波殺蟲加工機械設備之研製
Development of White-Rice Insect Pest Prevention Online Process System Using Microwave
作者: 萬一怒
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本計畫目的在發展一套可在白米加工線上殺除白米蟲卵之微波處理設備,發展對白米品質無害,安全、經濟、有效率的蟲害防治方法。並探討對米質的影響,以建立所發展系統對處理白米品質相關的有效數據。食米生蟲有效防治方法之建立,不但可提高國產食米品質,促進消費者建立對國產高品質米之品牌信賴感,並且可對高品質米的生產,提高價差,增進農民與產銷收益,尤其可促進國產米的對外競爭力,發展國產米外銷市場,健全產銷管道。本研究成果對我國農業永續經營環境及農業知識經濟的發展有其重要性。
The purposes of this project are to develop a microwave insect pest prevention system for white rice weevil eggs, larvae and pupae elimination while the bulk white rice online processed on the stage before packing. The developed white rice insect pest elimination system will cause limited quality degradation, none chemical residual and commercialized mass production. The quality of the white rice kernel processed by the system will be studied using NIR spectrum analysis, image processing, and several physical rice quality measurement methods to construct quantitative evaluation data of the system. Fulfillment of this project can help establishing good rice brand in market, increasing farmer's profit and encouraging domestic rice to export, which are important issues to agriculture economic development in this country.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z8
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