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標題: 果園無人自動施藥機之開發
The Development of Unmanned Automatic Sprayer in Orchards
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 自動化工程
摘要: 本年度主要在導入發展已趨成熟之無線感測網路(WSN)及電子羅盤等新技術,結合已開發之循跡導引(導航)技術及行走模式,發展無人自動施藥車之精準定位、定向及導引系統等關鍵技術,解決農用機器人於農業環境之循跡行走問題。果園施藥車自動定位、定向系統的開發,可有效解決農用機器人自動行走問題。智慧型自動施藥車,可進行無人施藥作業,提高對施藥者的保護。而本無人化果園施藥車所建置之定位、定向系統屬機器人關鍵技術之開發,未來可移植至其他農用載具,使用彈性與未來發展性高。
Channelling into development and already trending towards ripe detecting the network wirelessly mainly in the current year (WSN) And such new technologies as the electronic compass,etc., combine the mark of following that has already been developed to guide, cause (navigate) Technology and route of moving, develop perfect localization, orientation and guide that nobody constructs the medicine car automatically, cause such key technology as the system,etc., the problem that solve the mark of following to the agricultural environment of the agricultural robot and walk. Construct the development of automatic localization, directional system of the vehicle chemical sprayer in the orchard, the problem that can solve the agricultural robot and movement automatically effectively. Construct the vehicle chemical sprayer intelligently automatically, can proceed to construct the medicine homework with unmanned, and improve the protection of the person who sprays chemical. The autonomous vehicle is able to mark or set the position and direction in the orchard. This development base on robot technology and they will be applied to another field of agricultural machinery with flexible and expandable development in the future.
其他識別: 97農科-9.1.1-糧-Z1(8)
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