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標題: 馬拉巴栗編辮分級機之研製
Development of the Braiding and Grading Machine for Pachira Macrocarpa
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 在台灣馬拉巴栗是栽培最多的觀葉植物,其植株造型變化多可塑性高,每年外銷產量龐大,目前在編辮及分級過程中以人工方式進行,需耗費大量人力,且人工作業的分級及編辮標準不易量化,固本計畫將進行馬拉巴栗編辮分級機之開發,以機械原理進行設計分級與編辮之機構,但特殊處為馬拉巴栗之專用機械設備全世界罕見,因此在開發上須發揮高度創意,開發完成後可望大幅降低人力成本增加工作效率,並藉此提升產品品質,期望能以機械化方式幫助農民取代傳統人工分級及編辮之工作,彌補目前市面上人工作業之缺點,促進其產業發展,並確保外銷之品質穩定,提高台灣地區外銷花卉之市場競爭力。
Pachira macrocarpa is the most cultivation of foliage plants in Taiwan. The appearances of this stem are variable and with high plasticity. It is a large output for export every year. However, both braiding and grading process of Pachira macrocarpa are in artificial way at present, which wastes a great deal of manpower. Also artificial braiding and grading criterion are not easy to quantify. So this project is to develop a braiding and grading machine for Pachira macrocarpa by using the mechanical principles. Because of its rarity all over the world, we need to bring high originality. We expect that the machine will decrease human cost but increase working efficiency, and also advance the quality of products. Hoping to assist peasantry in braiding and grading working to make up for the artificial defect and to promote the industrial development, it uses mechanization instead of traditionally artificial way. It also ensures the stability of quality and improves the market competitiveness of Taiwan Floriculture Exports.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z3(5)
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