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標題: 農產品批發市場分貨處理自動化系統研究開發
Development of Automatic System of Product Management for an Agricultural Product Terminal Market
作者: 謝禮丞
關鍵字: 農產運銷
摘要: 本研究為農產品批發市場分貨處理自動化系統研究開發,其中包含完成分貨自動化系統標準作業規範之建立、完成分貨處理自動化系統之軟硬體,如進貨與分貨條碼自動讀取及進分貨作業系統,噪音分貝低於75的分貨輸送設備、選定彰化縣花卉生產合作社為配合單位進行試驗,同時在研究中亦將完成此項系統之可行性評估。在執行期間,將辦理30人次的短期教育訓練一期(8小時),辦理研討會或座談會至少一場次,讓使用者可以認識此一系統,也期望此系統可以適用於各個產品相同的拍賣場,提供相同的服務平台。
The research is mainly to develop an automatic system of product management for agricultural product terminal market. The system includes establishing a standard operation procedure for the automatic managing system, and developing software and hardware for the automatic system, for example, automatic bar-code reading system for stocking and carrying out agricultural products as well as the operating system. Lower than 75 db noise of the conveying system will be included to the system as well. The Changhun Flower Cooperative & Action Market will be the trail place. For the system's practicability would be evaluated, too. There will be a short training course, 8 hours, for 30 people, and a conference as well, letting users get to know the system and hoping it would fit and offer similar service to each terminal market with the same products.
其他識別: 97農科-8.1.3-糧-Z1(3)
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