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標題: 多功能超音波水果清洗系統商品機之研發
The Development of the Multi-Functional Ultrasonic Systematic Machine in Fruit Cleaning
作者: 黃裕益
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本年度主要針對於農業科技計畫所開發之外銷農產品清洗關建技術與系統,結合外銷農產品在採收後之實際處理流程、處理量及需求,重新設計研製完成商品機之雛型系統。農產品清洗系統之商品化,可提高作業效能,並符合產地作業量要求及主要(外銷)農產品之清洗需求,提高農產商品之乾淨度並能確保清洗後農產品品質,提升農產品可貯運時間及農產品之商品時間,除可取得消費者信任外,更有利於開拓外銷市場,如此將有助國產水果進軍國際市場。
In this year, the main objective of this project is to apply the developed key techniques and operating system to clean export fruits on previous projects to redesign and manufacture the prototype of commercial system. The system will be redesigned based on the facts of actual commercial treatment process, the treatment speed and demands. The performance of cleaning system will be further promoted to meet the demands of commercial operation, which include the operation efficiency, treating capacity and the cleaning criterions of foreign markets. The level of cleaning of local fruits is further promoted and it will enhance the safety and quality of local fruits. The available transportation time period and the effective sale life will be improved via this new developed cleaning system. The fruits which are treated with the designed cleaning process will gain the confidence of consumers and the benefit to exploit the international markets. The achievements of this project will be helpful to the local fruits to enter the international markets.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z9
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