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標題: 蛋雞生產自動化與福祉之研究
Study the Relationship between Automatic Production and Animal Welfare for Layer
作者: 阮助明
關鍵字: 農業機械類
摘要: 本研究為建造一符合動物福利之自動集蛋設備,依據動物福利規定與雞隻行為設計與建造產蛋巢,並結合集蛋帶建置成一自動集蛋設備。以巢箱顏色為變動參數,比較不同顏色下雞隻之就巢率與集蛋設備之集蛋破損率,提供相關人員參考與使用。
Automatic egg collection equipment conforming animal welfare will be built in this study. Laying nest will be designed and built according to animal welfare and layer behavior. Automatic egg collection equipment will be built by laying nest and collection belt. Different color nest with same standard size will become variable. Broodiness rate of layer and breaking rate of collection equipment will be compared depend on different color nest. Results of this study will be afforded to relative people.
其他識別: 97農科-9.1.2-牧-U1(5)
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